Boles d'olor

"Ambients" Fragrance Room Sprays by Boles d'olor

Such a simple and fast way to scent your home - with a good quality room spray you can give your home a long lasting burst of beautiful fragrance.

Our natural air freshener, with highly concentrated fragrance, can be used in any room to help eradicate unpleasant smells or give you a cosy environment to work or relax.

With its comfortable shaped glass bottle sprayer, it is easy to regulate its diffusion to ensure a pleasant fragrance with a prolonged effect. These 100ml bottles will each give you 1000 sprays!

As well as being Ideal for perfuming every room in your home you can also use these for paper flower arrangements, refreshing potpourri, etc.

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Boles d'olor Ambients Fragrance Room Spray

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