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Boles d'olor

Goodsphere, PureAire and Boles d'olor Air Purifiers

In association with our sister company, CleanTheAir.co.uk, we can offer a range of Air Purification systems from top brands Goodsphere, PureAire and Boles d'olor to rid your air of unpleasant odours, bacteria and allergens and provide clean, fresh and beautifully fragranced air for your family.

How Goodsphere Air Purifiers Work
The unique air cleaning systems harness the inherent purification properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial qualities of essential oils, to literally wash the air clean.

The simple and efficient technology neutralises unpleasant odours like smoke and cooking smells in living rooms and kitchens, while in bedrooms it creates the optimal conditions for sleeping well - especially for asthma, hay fever and sinus sufferers.

In addition they also have the effect of working as a humidifier - replacing precious moisture in the air lost as a result of central heating systems.

Plus, working as an ioniser they convert positive ions in the air into more desirable negative ions, with great benefits to the way you feel. Even better, unlike most ionisers, it doesn't won't mark your walls.

The cold tap water in the bowl of the unit is enhanced with a few drops of the air purifying solutions. Each of the essences actively combat the odours and allergens in the air and are available in a huge range of wonderful fragrances.

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in Association with CleanTheAir.co.uk...

We have been supplying these air purification systems for over 10 years and know that they really do work with customers always coming back to us.

We have given this specialist range its own dedicated website so that you can learn more and browse the entire range with ease... take a look at CleanTheAir.co.uk where you will find all of the Goodsphere, PureAire and Boles d'olor air purifiers and essences.

We wholly own and run CleanTheAir and all stock is stored and dispatched from our shop and warehouse at The Gift Shop in Oulton Broad, so you can buy with confidence from us.

Take a look at the full range of Air Purifiers by top brands Goodsphere, PureAire and Boles d'olor on CleanTheAir.co.uk and improve the air in your home!

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