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Heart & Home Candles

Heart & Home Fragranced Candles

Using quality soy wax, presented in stylish coloured glass jars with metal embossed lid, and attractive prices, the Heart and Home candle range is definitely one to take a look at...

Made with a special blend of two different Soy waxes means that Heart & Home candles are not only a sustainable candle, but they have a long, slow, clean burn - meaning that the white wax warms to the perfect temperate to release the scent into your home.

Heart & Home candles are mixed in small batches, with each batch stirred for a minimum of one hour to ensure thorough mixing. Careful production and the slow, natural cooling process used during the production ensures each candle has a high and even concentration of fragrance. This means that every H&H candle will smell as good from it's first to final burn.

Heart and Home Candles are available in 2 and 4 wick sizes. Using multiple wicks ensures the best burn even on the larger candles. We stock a wide variety of fragrances in each size, so there is something to suit each taste, and budget. Heart and Home Candles are available for UK and worldwide delivery so please take a browse through the collection and enjoy the beautiful aromas.

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Heart & Home Fragranced Candles

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