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Blown Glass Gifts

Delight in our range of handmade blown glass gifts including hearts, drops, gems, tree of life and more....

Beautiful Glass Birthstone Hearts, skillfully handmade by craftsmen using recycled glass, these hearts are available in all the birthstone colours. Each heart comes complete with ribbon and tag showing the meaning of each of the birthstones, and is gift boxed, making them ideal birthday presents - and they also make for a great, unusual, Christening gift.

Using the same skilled techniques the Friendship Globes are the perfect way to show a friend that your care. Beautiful colours swirl around the globe - every one being unique due to the hand-made nature of the product. Each presented with hanging ribbon and in a gift box.

The Tree of Life globes will have you wondering how you can get a glass tree inside a blown glass globe, and look beautiful hung in the light whilst you wonder!

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Blown Glass Gifts

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