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Fused Glass

Fused Glass Ornaments

Discover our beautiful, modern glass creations to bring a splash of colour and fun to your home!

Every one of our 'D&J Glassware' and 'Benaya at Milford' fused glass ornaments is entirely hand made by a process which spans several days. Individual pieces of glass are cut out by hand and layered up flat upon one another, to made the shape of the piece. This glass is then placed in a kiln where, over many hours, it slowly melts together to form one 'fused' piece. Once cooled the resulting sculpture is hand painted to create a unique ornament for your home. The fused glass technique is not an exact science as sometimes pieces can fuse in the wrong position so only the best ones are selected and allowed to be sold.

Perfect as gifts and presents these hand crafted fused glass creations, which include owls, hens, cats, garden birds, wildlife and many more, look fantastic on a window sill with the sunlight shining through them. Great for kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, and anywhere you want to add colour and fun.

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Fused Glass Ornaments

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