The Gift Shop In-Store Loyalty Card Scheme - Terms and Conditions

Here are the Terms and Conditions for The Gift Shop's In-store Loyalty Card Scheme...

  1. Earn one stamp on your loyalty card for a single transaction of £10 (ten) or more in store.
  2. When ten stamps have been collected they can be redeemed for a free £10 (ten) gift voucher.
  3. Completed loyalty card must be surrendered when redeeming for gift voucher. A new loyalty card will be given in its place.
  4. Stamps can only be earned on genuine loyalty cards – no photocopies.
  5. Maximum two stamps per person can be collected per day.
  6. Loyalty card must be presented at time of purchase to receive stamp. Stamps cannot be given retrospectively.
  7. Postage stamps are excluded from the loyalty card scheme. Purchases of postage stamps do not count towards the spend to earn loyalty stamps.
  8. The Gift Shop may occasionally offer promotions to loyalty card holders. Any such promotion would be limited to a fixed duration, as detailed at the time of the promotion, and would not be available retrospectively. Loyalty cards may be required to be shown at the time of the promotion to prove entitlement to that offer.
  9. There is no time limit in which to collect stamps.
  10. Ten stamps must be collected on a single loyalty card to qualify for the gift voucher. Stamps across multiple loyalty cards cannot be redeemed together.
  11. Gift voucher is valid for six months from date of issue. If not used within six months it will expire and cannot be renewed.
  12. Loyalty card stamps can only be earned from qualifying transactions in store at The Gift Shop, 119 Bridge Road, Oulton Broad. Transactions online via The Gift Shop’s websites do not qualify for loyalty stamps.
  13. Gift voucher can only be spent in store at The Gift Shop, 119 Bridge Road, Oulton Broad and cannot be spent online.
  14. The Gift Shop reserves the right to refuse to issue a loyalty card to anyone that abuses these terms.
  15. The Gift Shop reserves the right to stop the loyalty card scheme at any time, by giving 3 (three) months written notice displayed in store.
  16. Loyalty cards and loyalty card stamps have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  17. These Terms and Conditions can be updated at any time without notice.
Last Updated: 10/01/2024