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2021 Ornament (Hanging Ornament)
Angel of Hope (Hanging Ornament)
Angel of Wonder (Hanging Ornament)
Bashful (Hanging Ornament)
Beautiful Wishes (Hanging Ornament)
Beauty & The Beast (Hanging Ornament)
Bloom (Hanging Ornament)
Butterfly (Hanging Ornament)
Cogsworth (Hanging Ornament)
Doc (Hanging Ornament)
Dopey (Hanging Ornament)
Dumbo with Wreath (Hanging Ornament)
Eeyore (Hanging Ornament)
For You (Hanging Ornament)
Forget-Me-Not (Hanging Ornament)
Friendship (Hanging Ornament)
Good Cheer! (Hanging Ornament)
Grumpy (Hanging Ornament)
Happy (Hanging Ornament)