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2020 Ornament (Hanging Ornament)
Angel of Hope (Hanging Ornament)
Angel of Wonder (Hanging Ornament)
Bashful (Hanging Ornament)
Beautiful Wishes (Hanging Ornament)
Beauty & The Beast (Hanging Ornament)
Bloom (Hanging Ornament)
Cogsworth (Hanging Ornament)
Doc (Hanging Ornament)
Dopey (Hanging Ornament)
Dumbo with Wreath (Hanging Ornament)
Eeyore (Hanging Ornament)
For You (Hanging Ornament)
Forget-Me-Not (Hanging Ornament)
Friendship (Hanging Ornament)
Good Cheer! (Hanging Ornament)
Grumpy (Hanging Ornament)
Happy (Hanging Ornament)
Jack (Hanging Ornament)